Sona Group of Institutions and Vee Technologies introduces new feature of Sona Home, a mobile application.

At Sona College of Technologies, the application is launched on 19th August 2021 . Presided by the Chairman, Mr. C. Valliappa, the launch meet is carried forward by the Vice Chairman, Mr. Chocko Valliappa. Sona Home app new feature is launched succeeding that.

In the event Sona Art and Science College Principal, Katharnavash; Professors, Loganathan and M. Logesh Kumar; Members from Thennavan Group of Vee Technologies and Sona Group of Institutions were present.

Mr. Chocko Valliappa, says, regarding the event: Sona Home is a multifunctional application helps the users wishing to build their dream home, vendors, contractors, and builders. The users can get information and details of their home from the start to end. From the Sona Home Play Store, Sona Home App Store the users can download blueprint of their house.


Sona Home not only focuses on aiding the users but also the home sellers. The seller’s details are made available for the users through the app, says, the Vice Chairman.

Regarding the app, Thiagarajar Polytechnic College Principal, Mr. Karthikeyan, says, the app helps in finding easy availability of cost-effective materials. The users and the sellers can contact the vendors for the necessary information like material cost and size and model of their home. The users can find the list of the cost details from all the vendors available. So that, they can buy materials from any of the vendors comparing the other.

The Principal of Sona College, Mr. S. R. R. Senthilkumar and HOD of Civil Department, Sona College of Technology, Dr. Malathy, says, through the app the users can get complete estimate of each materials. Sona Home mobile application is a user-friendly app, he says.

The new feature launched for Salem users aids the end users and the contractor to connect with each other in building homes and construction activities. The user and the contractor can register in the app.